I’m going to be honest. I forgot about this place but I am still going to update. I’ve been sick for a bit and have had no motivation to do anything but this place will be back up and running soon.

-Admin R

Anonymous whispered: Perhaps you should clarify the OOC age of those listed as well (just an "18+" clarification where its pertinent would be helpful) as many of us who are 18 or over are particular about that sort of thing when it comes to looking for a smut partner.

I’ll do that soon. 


Admin R is lazy and will fix the list sometime later this week~

Anonymous whispered: I think you should make a post of the people you've just added to the directory. Most of the people in it are following you, right? It'll be easy for us to find out who's new.

hmm I think we may just start doing that. Admin L will be in charge of that though.

-Admin R

Anonymous whispered: Can original characters apply to?

of course~

-Admin R

List has been updated~

Once again if you don’t like the picture I used feel free to send me another~ I usually just take the one from your page <.<. Feel free to leave any suggestions or questions you might have also.

-Admin R

The list has been updated once more~

and with that I think I’ll sign off for the night. Don’t be afraid to leave any suggestions or questions you might have. Also don’t be forget to mention us to your friends~

-Admin R signing off

Admin Post!

Admin R here and as of now the list has been  updated. All Submissions have been added to the list. If you don’t like the picture I used for you feel free to send in one that you’d prefer.

I guess I’ll give a quick little introduction while I’m here. I’m Admin R. R stands for Ren. I do all the coding and I add people to the lists. Admin L will probably introduce himself sometime later. As of now neither of us are on the lists because I’ve gotten lazy and did do it yet so….yep that’s about it

Happy Fucking~

-Admin R

Anonymous whispered: are you guys already getting applications?

yeah there are a lot of guys in the  bisexual list at the moment. I guess I should add the admins to these lists too…

-Admin R

Anonymous whispered: Does this mean we'd have to add your directory to our pages?

no but you can if you want

-Admin R